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Born in Tunisia and based in Berlin, he has gained recognition for his distinctive style of electronic music which blends raw and unfiltered sounds with hypnotic and dreamy melodies. A sound that fuses the old-school with the contemporary. He has a substantial discography, featuring tracks on renowned labels such as Innervi-sions, Correspondent and TAU. He is also a resident DJ at the iconic Watergate club in Berlin, cementing his status as one of the most intriguing and captivating artists.


17.02. - 28.06.2024

SKATMAN /// Live 2024

  • 17.02.2024
    ES-Barcelona Le Enfants Brillants
    ES-Granada Sun and Snow Weekend
  • 05.05.2024
    DE-Berlin SAGE Beach Berlin
  • 28.06.2024
    CH-St. Gallen Open Air St. Gallen