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Taloula is an indie singer-songwriter, born in Israel, with Yemenite roots. She grew up in Paris immersed in and influenced by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder… Her mother was a world music singer and often performed when she was pregnant with her. She therefore believes she was singing before she was born. She always knew that her life would be all about music. At 21, she became a pop star in France. Signed to a major record label, she sold 2 million albums, played 200 shows including arenas, had big radio hits and built a faithful audience. Now, after some time of soul searching, she is ready to start the next chapter of her creative life and reveal the artist she truly is.



Taloula /// Live 2022

  • 31.03.2022
    DE-Berlin Lido Support von Lie Ning